We are Conciously Closed! We had our last yoga class on May 14, 2034. Thank you for everything San Anselmo!!! There is a new yoga studio opening on Tunstead in June called Home Yoga, we are excited for them!!!


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Conscious Closing – It’s a Practice.

People. We are officially closing on May 14, 2023, it has been the best 10 years of my life and I appreciate the time working in San Anselmo with the community. Thank You!!!

MPY and SAY wouldn’t exist without the amazing teachers! I’ve been blessed to practice with and teach with fantastic humans who care passionately about people. Every single teacher at the Studio positively impacted my life, THANK YOU! When I am depressed, I can see these shining stars who taught their first class in one of our teacher trainings for yoga or fitness or boxing or TRX or cycling as well as the experienced team that taught hundreds of yoga classes every year; your growth and impact is my inspiration to continue to evolve personally and professionally.

Members. I’ve cried more in the studio since I decided to leave yoga, than in all of my years practicing with you. MPY and SAY has been a space for you, since May 15, 2013. You were always the heart and spirit of our Studio. Taylor Swift said in All Too Well, “And maybe we got lost in translation, Maybe I asked for too much, But maybe this thing was a masterpiece ’til you tore it all up, Running scared, I was there
I remember it all too well.” More like, we were there, you were there, I was there, we will remember these years; all too well. I’m not making light of this heartbreak, I’m trying to tell you, I will remember it all.

People, I did not understand how much management was involved in this when we started. I apologize to every staff and teacher who worked for us. I should have done better as a professional, whether it was my ego or lack of training and experience, I should have been more compassionate and listened better. If we worked together and there is something I can do improve that past experience, reach out to me and I will do my best to make us whole. I learned so much from the incredible people I’ve worked with here, Thank You. 

The pandemic broke my extroverted self and I kept us closed too long, I know. I’m not the same risk taker I was when I was 22 years old, or when I started the Studio at 40 years old. All of the scars and experiences have made me risk adverse. I know we live in a community that thrives in risk, whether it is the latest technology start-up or running or biking the trails or surfing at Bolinas (bruh, sharks). I believe a leader must take risks, whether it is putting a teacher with no experience on the schedule or hiring a teacher with 20 years experience or deciding whether to open for classes when the weather is bad or you get my point; there are a lot of important decisions that involve risk analysis and I don’t want to tell people “no,” for awhile.

I’m Sorry. For all of the things I will never do again. If you have something you think I should apologize for specifically, talk to me.

This isn’t the last email you will get from me, I’ll send a few more over the coming weeks, sharing the experience of letting go and encouraging you to practice yoga with us and eat a plant based diet. Right?

Thank You to the Partners, from Eric Tabora who I started MPY with, to Sean and Jen Silvera who helped us to grow so much before starting the Baptiste Studio in SF. 

Thank You to the Family who bailed me out of debt twice over the years and who emotionally filled me up and made it possible for me to be at the Studio. I Love You and Appreciate You. Thank You!!!

The landlord is talking with some incredible women about creating a new yoga studio in the space and we will continue to practice yoga daily. We are talking through a transition and there are details and plans to make. It is so hard to be completely in love with something and know that it’s time to move on. Maybe you know what I’m talking about.

There is business, we are paying bills and filing forms, like we do. Subscriptions are shut off and you can buy a drop-in or a month or use ClassPass. We will be doing amazing classes with live music and pop-ups and creating other incentives for you to come home and practice with me as we say a long, slow, good bye.

Quiet Quitting? Vomit. We’ve always talked about things and I don’t know how to do this without you. So, I’m doing my best to practice Conscious Closing, if history repeats itself, I will make mistakes, hopefully smaller and less memorable this time.


PS – Act like you aren’t skiing in Tahoe or eating croissants in Paris or surfing in Hanalei Bay…and come to yoga this weekend!!! Live music with Wade on Saturday and Keenan on Sunday. Create The Magic With Us.

PPS – S.A.L.E – Save A Life Experiment! You Can Do It. Change your diet and you will change your life. I am on a mission to lower my cholesterol by eating a plant based diet. It’s easier than you imagine, identify the one thing you think you can not live without and FIND A SUBSTITUTE. That’s it. The Secret. There is a substitute for everything, even cheese on pizza. Oh yeah, drink more water and walk more. You Can Do It.

PPPS – When I am sad about “letting go,” I will remember the people who found best friends, who made it through lost relatives, who survived cancer and who we lost, the babies you made and the adults who started with us in kids yoga, for real. I’ve had an amazing decade with you and the tears are from joy and love. “I was there, I remember it all too well.” TS

PPPPS – If you want to stay in touch professionally, connect to me on LinkedIn, I’ll be doing an inventory of my transferable skills this Summer and researching work opportunities. As you can guess, I’m going to be doing something new and I’d appreciate your help getting there. I literally wish we could hug right now.

Thank You for being part of our community.