MyoFascial Release Friday Noon

This Friday, May 20th, we are doing a MyoFascial Release Shoulder session! This is a great way to move through any soreness or lingering issues in your shoulders. There is no strength in this class, you can do your usual run, hike, bike or gentle yoga and this class will still make your day! We will use lacrosse balls, a roller, blanket, block and strap…all of which is at the studio for you. Come As You Are.

Why do this class? If you have pain or weakness or tightness in your shoulder, this is a great way to accelerate your improvement. We will work on your passive and active range of motion, using pressure to hydrate and align your connective tissue. Get mellow with us and reduce your pain while increasing your functionality. Practice With Us.

OnDemand Library New Platform

Our OnDemand Library is on a NEW Platform!

We are slowly catching up with the year, we cleaned out some clutter and reset our video OnDemand library. We are excited about the sleek new look and encourage you to check out our classes, from 2 minute tutorials to 20 minutes of core to gentle yoga and mat pilates. We are excited to provide great classes for you to do at home or on vacation. Practice With Us!

Time For Thought

Why do we do yoga? For some it is the physical, whether that is healing an injury or getting stronger. For some it is the mental and emotional clarity and for others it is a desire to be connected to themselves and their community.

Whatever draws you to yoga, it is “Time For Thought,” that keeps us in yoga. You take an hour for yourself and breathe and do the poses for your flexibility and strength and a miracle happens. A miracle? Yes, a miracle. Clarity.

Time For Thought. Your mind will clear through “the stuff” and you will feel lighter and more able to do all of the things. Practice With Us.

MyoFascial Release Sunday Night

This Sunday Night! MyoFascial Release Pop-Up! 7-8pm – Deep Ball Work! All Release, Light Stretch, No Strength!!! We are working on our hips and legs Sunday Night. This is great if you sit too much, run, hike or bike. If you have “lacrosse balls,” bring them, we will use 2 balls and a roller. This is an MFR Deep Hips Session. Let’s Do This!!!


Perseverance. We study this on the trails of the Watershed, riding up one switchback only to discover yet another steep uphill…and we keep going. We don’t go for the results or the reward or the view, it’s always been the journey. Keep going, you don’t have to know what’s ahead, trust your knowledge and experience to guide you. Gentle Yoga at 9am on Friday, Chair Yoga at 10:30am and Rise and Shine with Jamie teaching on Saturday at 8am and Sunday Service with Wendy at 9:30am. Perseverance, you can do it!


Whether you are healing an injury or developing your flexibility or strength, keep your Patience, we do the work, rest, repeat. Patience. There are no shortcuts and we don’t want them. Take your time, let’s do this. Yoga.

About This Week.

Flashback to the weekend! Sending you energy and motivation to have a great day. Schedule us into your week. Pop-Up Clearance Sale – This Wednesday from noon to 6pm!!! Tuesday – Friday 6am Yoga and 9am Gentle Yoga. Tues – Thurs 4:30pm Yoga. Chair Yoga on Wed and Fri at 10:30am! Have a GREAT in San Anselmo!