First of many Yoga Updates This Summer!

Great News! Wendy is starting to teach the Wednesday 4:30pm Power Yoga class, this week. We are running a reduced schedule around the week of the 4th as “everybody is away,” then Summer kicks in and we will be adding classes, experimenting with Noon and 6pm as we head to Fall. Grow With Us! See below a photo from Sunday Service with Wendy teaching and Gabe playing live music.

Sunday Service at 9:30 with Wendy and Gabe – Growth!

Meet Marie on the left and Mette on the right of our Buddha. Please talk to them when you are in for class, tell them what’s going on with you and observe how they grow this year. What’s the secret for yoga? Practice 3x a week for maintenance and 5x a week to Change Your Life. Come As You Are, maybe just a small piece of your former self and let’s grow together, into something new.

Beat the heat at yoga in San Anselmo

True story, during the pandemic we lowered the temperature of the studio to 70 degrees. Why? Your body is already 98 degrees!!! The movement increases your internal heat, we do not need to add heat for your body to be forced to regulate its temperature. Yoga will make you more comfortable in and with your body. Right? Power Yoga at 4:30pm! Get Stronger Together!

Shoulder Module Implemented!

Baby steps, this year has been tough, I looked at my situation and decided to add skills, starting with the shoulder module with Yoga Medicine by Tiffany Cruikshank and studying with Tiffany and Rachel Land. My brain expanded, subtly shifting my sequencing in my yoga classes and inspiring me to experiment with and include new tools in my classes.

Relatively speaking, I’m proud of doing this learning under unprecedented stress and anxiety, choosing to become better rather than some form of self abuse, and I am grateful I have more skills to support my community with.

Knowledge Is Power.

Sunday Service OnDemand Makes Monday Great!

Practice with us today, OnDemand! You can take an AMAZING class from wherever you are. If you are an in studio member, your access is included, message if you need assistance. OnDemand includes bonuses like Savasana Only videos, an easy way to motivate to lay on the ground for 5 minutes or 15 minutes and recharge with the Earth’s energy. Right??? This week, Sunday Service includes Jasmine singing in Savasana. Practice With Us!

Yoga for You

Yoga will strengthen your front and back body, increase your strength and flexibility with yoga! We are squeezing our scapulas, retracting them to increase our range of motion, while warming up our legs and glutes in chair! Our bodies want to work better and feel better, do the work.

Sunday Service with Wendy and Keenan OnDemand!

Sunday Service with Wendy and Keenan OnDemand!
Practice with us! Yoga this morning was beautiful, the rhythm of Keenan’s music floating through the air, Wendy’s sequencing flowing through our bodies…do this class at home!

In Studio Members, OnDemand is included, message for help accessing. You can be an Online Only Member for $108 per year!