Create Your Strength and Flexibility

I woke up this morning to the gentle pitter patter of water bouncing off of the gutters, the foreign sound of rain cut through my last dreams and dragged my eyelids open. The darkness of time change is real. Wake Up.

I move slow and steady in the morning, mostly in the dark, feeling my way into the clothes I laid out the night before, hesitating to check my pockets, gently locking the door behind me and rolling into yoga. The early morning is slow and quiet, you can hear everything. Listen.

This is an immense year of change for all of us, we are going to be continuously challenged to adapt to changing circumstances and the information we get is going to be analyzed and processed faster than ever before. While we joke about the weather people being wrong (unless they are in San Diego), today they tell us when it is going to rain and shockingly accurate, exactly what time it will stop. What does this mean for pandemic strategy and predictions? Think.

I was talking with Tia after class about the weeds, I mean amazingly beautiful wild flowers on the trails. If you can get out on Yolanda trail, you will see a rich palette of purples and pink and white and yellow. Speaking of yellow, is the photo at the bottom of this French Broom or Scotch Broom and are they both evil invasive weeds? I tried to figure it out and decided to appreciate the yellow flowers and “ask the group.” Take a hike.


PS – Yes, 9am Tues-Thurs is Gentle Yoga, because you can get stronger and more flexible while feeling great. The room is 70 degrees, do the work with us. We have Chair Yoga on Wednesday and Friday from 10:30 to 11:30amand Power Yoga at 4:30pm Tues-Thurs. 6ampeople, you know. Spring Growth.

PPS – Yes, auto-pay is $90 and if you are a Teacher, Nurse or Junior (18 and under) the monthly is $70. Thank you Teachers and Nurses for your service! Vaccinated and monthly members only for safety.

PPPS – Chair Yoga, because every body can and should do yoga. We do the entire class standing or sitting in a chair, we never get down to the floor. Strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility and feel better with us.

PPPPS – You can change your life for free in 3 steps. 1) Eat a plant based diet. 2) Walk every day. 3) Drink water.
It is that simple. Drink half your body weight as ounces, if you weight 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water a day. Walk, you can do it. Avoid eating animals and you impact your body and the planet, positively. You Can Do It.

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