Women and ADHD and Yoga

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Adult Women and ADHD, I’d add to this article, exasperated by the pandemic and include men (from my personal perspective). Yoga helps us regulate our lives, experiment and see if yoga helps you to manage your abilities. https://apple.news/AR9zxSV8TRTSwYcvKmPH0oA

I self diagnosed myself with ADHD a year ago as the pandemic peeled away layers of protection I applied to keep the stigma away. I only accepted the situation because I was confused by the anxiety and depression cycles, what we resist, keeps happening.

Having a relationship with ADHD means I can sometimes recognize when I am scattered or identify when I have to apply a tool to help me focus. Mostly, I benefit from knowing I can switch my situation almost instantly and get out of depression. This is useful and valuable, and available to me all of the time, because the tools are in my head and free.

Physical activity is a reset for me. I hike a lot and I do yoga almost every day. I started the One Plank Project to motivate me to change in one minute, simply by doing a Plank. The ability to change is a superpower and those of us with ADHD change all the time, yoga makes the changes easier and more intentional.

This is just one perspective! Check out the article linked above, sit with your experience and experiment. Redwood trees in Robson-Harrington Park in San Anselmo, below, change your perspective.

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